As an ISO 14001 and ISO 9000 compliant Company, Waterside Colours is committed to ensuring the highest level of safety for its employees and that its various activities have minimal impact on the environment.

You can see the Waterside Colours Environmental Policy here.

Since June 1, 2007, the European Union’s chemicals regulation REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) has formed the legal framework for improved handling of chemicals to protect the environment and human health while also complying with sustainability objectives. Registration of all chemical substances is mandatory by mid-2018. After this deadline, non-registered substances and forms of use will become illegal. REACH also regulates the safe use of chemical products at user level. Waterside Colours is affected in various respects by REACH as part of its business operations as a distributor, importer and as a producer of chemicals.

With our own in house transnational Compliance and REACH team, we are well equipped to meet the numerous requirements of the REACH regulation in full.

  • Ensuring a REACH-compliant supply and usage system
  • Safeguarding optimal communication within the delivery chain
  • Support in relation to many REACH-related issues
  • Assistance with imported substances

We continue to inspire methods and practices to help ensure the highest standards of quality, safety and regulatory compliance.

BfR - Waterside Colours offers a comprehensive range of colorants fully compliant to the latest Food contact regulations.

EU Ecolabel – Waterside Colours has a large number of products compliant to the requirements of this standard.

Nordic Swan- Waterside Colours has a significant number of products registered on the Nordic Swan database.

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